Michelin Power 5

At Motoland we get to wear things out so we can give you, the customer, first-hand advice on what we truly think.

This time we're talking sportbike tyres - more specifically, Michelin's new Power 5 sportbike tyre.  When we heard about these, we thought we must give 'em a go.  And what better bike to try them out on than Motoland's MT10-SP.

Right from the get-go, these were good - seriously good.  

The technical specs of these hoops talk about compounds using a mix of Michelin's proprietary 2CT and 2CT+ silica blends.  So what does that mean?  Apparently, silica (you know, glass) has microscopic rock-like sharp edges.  It's these edges that interact with the road material to create grip. And being rock-on-rock, the grip is there both in the dry and the wet. Not only that but they last (relatively)

Does it work?  Yep!  Our test bike has done over 2,000km and there is still plenty of fun left to be had.  


In terms of feel, the feedback from the road is great and matches nicely with the suspension on the MT10.  Pushing hard around corners is rewarding with the limits being quite predictable.  We can neither confirm nor deny reports of black lines being left around corners.

Track-days?  Yes definitely capable although we haven't had the opportunity to try that yet.  All reports out there on the interweb say they're good.

Price-wise, these aren't cheap but as a performance tyre, you get what you pay for.

120/70-17 Front: RRP $259 - Motoland price: $216
190/55-17 Rear: RRP $369 - Motoland price: $308

Other rear sizes available: 160/60-17, 180/55-17, 190/50-17 and 200/55-17

Have a chat to our team about whether these tyres are right for you.

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