Yamaha Tricity 155

Product image 1Yamaha Tricity 155
Product image 2Yamaha Tricity 155
Product image 3Yamaha Tricity 155
Product image 4Yamaha Tricity 155
Product image 5Yamaha Tricity 155
Product image 6Yamaha Tricity 155

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Every day thousands of us waste time and money getting to and from work. Tricity offers a practical, affordable and enjoyable alternative.

Equipped with a confidence inspiring three-wheel layout, Tricity is a lightweight urban commuter vehicle with user-friendly features designed for the needs of new riders. And Tricity now sports more power thanks to its punchy 155cc four-stroke engine. The accessible 3-wheel layout, with standard ABS, makes it ideal for inexperienced riders - and twin leaning front wheels give lightweight agility with a special feeling of stability.

Getting to work is a major issue of many of us. But the affordable, easy to use and economical Tricity 155 has the power to transform your commute and so improve your life.

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