Quad Lock MAG Cases - iPhone

Product image 1MAG iPhone Devices (1)
Product image 2MAG iPhone Devices (8)
Product image 3MAG iPhone Devices (10)
Product image 4MAG iPhone Devices (2)
Product image 5MAG iPhone Devices (4)
Product image 6MAG iPhone Devices (5)
Product image 7MAG iPhone Devices (6)
Product image 8MAG iPhone Devices (7)
Product image 9MAG iPhone Devices (3)
Product image 10iPhone 13 Mini Quad Lock Mag Case
Product image 11iPhone 15 Pro Mag Case
Product image 12iPhone 15 Plus Mag Case
Product image 13iP14 PRO MAX_MAG Case
Product image 14iP14 PRO_MAG Case
Product image 15iP14 Plus_MAG Case
Product image 16iP14 _MAG Case
Product image 17iPhone 13 Quad Lock MAG Case
Product image 18iPhone 13 Pro Max Quad Lock MAG Case
Product image 19Quadlock iP12-P12-Pro Mag Case
Product image 20Quadlock iP12 & iP12-Pro Max Case
Product image 21iPHONE SE Mag Case

Regular price $59.90

Featuring the secure Quad Lock locking mechanism compatible with all Quad Lock twist and lock mounts and magnetic MAG mounts, the iPhone MAG Cases boast an impact resistant edge to edge cover, protective EVA foam lining, and are thinner and flatter than the original Quad Lock cases.

  • Compatible with Twist/Lock Mounts and Heads and MAG Mounts and Heads
  • Tough, polycarbonate core and impact absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell
  • Slim profile and soft touch material make it perfect for everyday use
  • Quad Lock MAG™ Cases are thinner and flatter than Original Cases
  • Neodymium 52H Nickel Plated magnets
  • Comes with Black MAG Ring installed, but it is customisable with alternate MAG Ring colours (sold separately)
  • Quad Lock MAG™ Cases make mounting your phone even faster, simply position your phone and the magnets do the rest
  • Quad Lock MAG™ is also compatible with MagSafe products
  • All Quad Lock Cases are compatible with wireless charging (NB: compatibility with third party wireless chargers may vary depending on device and charging model)
  • Quad Lock MAG™ are only available for selected iPhones
  • If you can't find a case for your phone, try the Quad Lock Universal Adaptor (QLA-UNI-3) or the Quad Lock MAG Universal Adaptor (QMA-UNI)



*Quad Lock Motorcycle - Vibration Dampener QLA-VDM is recommended for all Quad Lock motorcycle products.


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