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ONEAL 10 Series Helmet - Black/Neon Yellow MIPS - Adult

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The O'NEAL 10 Series MIPS Helmet features:

  • Composite fibreglass shell construction
  • Shell weight (+/- 50g) 1100g (size M)
  • Improved safety with MIPS system of impact absorption technology
  • Double-D ring chin strap
  • Adjustable visor/peak design
  • Maximum airflow throughout the helmet, delivered by oversized vents
  • Ultra-plush, removable and washable padded inner liner keeps you cool and dry by wicking away sweat (sweat absorbing)
  • Removable mouthpiece for easy cleaning (available in several anodized colours)
  • Durable multi-coloured, clear-coated graphics
  • Meets standards: DOT, ECE 22-05, AS/NZS and ACU
  • Sizes XS-2XL

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System): A revolutionary technology, adding more protection to the new generation of helmets.

Most helmets are tested only by dropping them vertically onto a flat surface. MIPS technology is the hard earned result of over 19 years of studies and testing by some of the world’s leading researchers and brain
surgeons, based on a different principle – reality. Because in reality when you fall, your head usually hits
the ground at an angle, creating a rotational force that leads to strain in the brain. With MIPS, the helmet
can absorbs more of that rotational force, adding better protection than helmets not equipped with MIPS.

Mimicking The Brain
The secret behind MIPS’, patented technology derives from the human brain. The brain is surrounded by
a low-friction cushion of cerebrospinal fluid that protects it by allowing it to slide slightly on impact. MIPS
imitates the brain’s way of protecting itself by giving the helmet its own low-friction layer between the outer
shell and the liner, which also slides to absorb a portion of the energy created by an angled blow to the
head. This can reduce the rotational force otherwise transmitted to your brain. The combination of the
brain’s own protection and MIPS therefore provides more protection than a helmet without MIPS technology.

Very simple and very effective. MIPS mirrors the brain’s own intelligent protection system and provides an additional element to helmet safety.

The MIPS patented technology was developed by some of the world’s leading researchers in biomechanics and neuroscience at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. You can see for yourself the difference in an angled impact between helmets with and without MIPS. With exactly the same speed and angle, the results are very different. The pictures speak for themselves – the more red areas, the more strain in the brain. Gain peace of mind by helping to protect your brain with a new standard of technology currently on the market, MIPS.

When it comes to safety, a helmet with MIPS is the obvious choice.

Finite Element model illustrating strain in the brain from a similar angled impact when the user is wearing a
helmet without MIPS and a helmet with MIPS.

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