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Cleaning ride on mowers and outdoor equipment is always a task due to the extensive amount of grass, mud, dirt and grime that gets caught, and covering the surface. Mowmuck Clean has been specifically designed to clean your mowers and other equipment with ease and NO BRUSHES AND NO EFFORT.

This cleaner is PH neutral, non-caustic and acid free. It won’t fade the aluminium, alloys or paintwork over a period it time. It will however cut through all the new and old grime bringing out the original lustre that lies beneath all the dirt.

Mowmuck Clean will also leave a protective layer which aids in future cleaning and enhances the overall surface finish. The product is so safe that you can even use it on your plants and its safe to hose off on grass too!

No need for pressure cleaners or brushes to get in those tight fiddly bits, just apply a layer of Mowmuck Clean, leave it to soak in for 5-10 minutes and spray off. It’s that simple and the results are outstanding. This 750ml Litre bottle comes with its own Pro trigger sprayer and is great for smaller applications. The trigger is a high quality adjustable unit, and facilitates easy use. 

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