Product image 1MITAS Terra Force EF Super Light Tyre - Rear
Product image 2MITAS Terra Force EF Super Tyre - Front
Product image 3MITAS Terra Force EF Super Light Tyre - Front
Product image 4MITAS Terra Force EF Super Soft Tyre - Rear

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Designed for Enduro FIM competition on all terrain types, with best-in-class performance, outstanding traction, stability, and resistance to wear in wet and dry conditions. The Mitas TERRA FORCE - EF motorcycle tyre features a specially designed knob design, is DOT-rated, and comes in three unique compound and carcass constructions to deliver incredible durability, traction and stability in any terrain. 

Recommended for Enduro, Hard Enduro and Dual-Sports motorcycles.

Available in: 

SUPER (Fast Enduro)

  • Yellow Stripe
  • Medium carcass construction and compound
  • Especially designed for high speed Enduro
  • Ideal in hard dry conditions

SUPER LIGHT (Technical Enduro)

  • Green Stripe
  • Light/soft carcass construction and gummy compound
  • Especially designed for medium speed technical Enduro
  • Ideal in wet slippery conditions

SUPER SOFT (Extreme Enduro)

  • Double Green Stripe
  • Light carcass construction with ultra gummy compound
  • Especially designed for low speed extreme Enduro
  • Ideal in wet slippery conditions

The Super Soft (Extreme Enduro) compound is also available on the TERRA FORCE - EF PRO boasting an ultra-soft carcass construction, making it an unrivalled choice to conquer steep technical sections and slippery rock.


NB: As from 1st March 2024, all tyres will incur a Government mandated disposal fee under the Waste Minimisation (Tyres) Regulations 2023. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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