JT Sprockets - Rear Steel

Product image 1JT Sprocket Rear Steel
Product image 2JT Sprockets Front Steel
Product image 3JT Sprocket Rear 269 with 58mm centre hole
Product image 4JT Sprocket Rear Steel Self Cleaning
Product image 5JT Sprocket Carrier/Adapter for Ducati - JTA750B
Product image 6JT Sprocket Carrier/Adapter for Ducati - JTA770B
Product image 7JT Sprocket Rear 890_ZBK
Product image 8JT Sprocket Rear 893_ZBK
Product image 9JT Sprocket Rear 7086

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JT Rear Sprockets are manufactured using only the finest grade of super-hard, ultra-durable, high-carbon C49 steel. This steel has been tempered using JT’s heat induction technology to achieve material hardness that last up to 6 times longer than the best aluminium sprockets. No other aftermarket rear steel sprocket is made from this high-carbon C49 material - most use weaker C45 steel. 

The heart of JT Sprockets and their durability, is the material used and the accuracy of the machining process. Every JT sprocket is made the right way, by hobbing, machining and drilling. This is the only way to achieve the closest tolerances and the best tooth profiles. And every sprocket goes through 10 individual quality control checks before it leaves the factory. That is why JT Sprockets can guarantee the quality of every JT Sprocket sold.

Pictured sprocket is for visual example only. Ordered JT Sprocket tooth number, bolt pattern, and markings may be different.

JT Sprockets - the World’s No.1 manufacturer of aftermarket sprockets


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