IPONE Full Power Katana

Product image 1FULL POWER KATANA 10W40 1L
Product image 2FULL POWER KATANA 10W40 4L
Product image 3FULL POWER KATANA 10W50 1L
Product image 4FULL POWER KATANA 10W60 1L
Product image 5FULL POWER KATANA 15W50 1L
Product image 6FULL POWER KATANA 15W50 4L
Product image 7Full Power Katana
Product image 8Full Power Katana 10W50 22L 100% Synthetic
Product image 9Full Power Katana 10W40 60L 100% Synthetic Ipone
Product image 10IPONE KATANA 5W40 1L
Product image 11FULL-POWER-KATANA-5W40-4L
Product image 12Full Power Katana 15W50 60L 100% Synthetic

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100% Synthetic with Ester (sports riding)

IPONE FULL POWER KATANA is a 100% synthetic, ester-based lubricant for 4-stroke motorcycles, designed for high performance sports riding on the road. The "speed & easy shift" innovation will transform your riding experience. Gear changes are fast and smooth; you will discover pure riding pleasure and faster acceleration.

  • 100% Synthetic with ester
  • Road use
  • Available in 5W40 / 10W40 / 10W50 / 10W60 / 15W50
  • Made in France

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