Cardo Packtalk / FREECOM Lines - Refreshment Kit v2

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Refreshment kit for the Cardo Packtalk & FREECOM lines

Revamp your Cardo Packtalk or Cardo FREECOM units with the Refreshment Kit, which includes:

Pads & Plate: 2x cleaning pads; 1x FREECOM glue plate; 1x Packtalk BOLD glue plate, 1x Packtalk Edge/Neo/Custom glue plate
Velcro: 2x square velcro; 2x rectangular velcro
Sponges: 2x 32mm speaker sponges; 2x 45mm speaker sponges (for 40mm speakers); 1x hybrid / boom microphone sponge - large; 1x hybrid / boom microphone sponge - regular; 1x wired microphone sponge
Stickers: 2x 32mm speaker stickers; 2x 40mm speaker stickers; 1x hybrid / boom microphone sticker - regular; 1x wired microphone sticker

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