BelRay VTwin Primary Chaincase Fluid

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Bel-Ray V-Twin Primary Chaincase Lubricant - 96920

Bel-Ray Primary Chaincase Lubricant is specifically designed for the primary chaincase of all Big Twin model motorcycles equipped with a wet diaphragm spring clutch from 1984 to present. It delivers all-weather clutch performance while providing maximum wear protection for the primary chain and cog set.


  • For the primary chaincase of all Big Twin model motorcycles equipped with a wet diaphragm spring clutch from 1984 to present
  • May be used in chaincases equipped with original, modified or aftermarket high performance clutch assemblies
  • Especially recommended for modified engines and operation in both especially cold- and hot weather climates

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved clutch performance - Provides smooth, positive clutch hook-up without slipping or shudder in all service conditions from around-town cruising to aggressive drag race launches.
  • Superior drive train protection - Exclusive Bel-Ray anti-wear chemistry reduces primary drive chain stretch and cog wear to extend primary drive service life.
  • All temperature reliability - High Viscosity Index formulation provides dependable performance from sub-freezing to tropical conditions.
  • Distinct color - Red coloration makes it easily distinguishable from motor oil, simplifying service.
  • Helps prevent leaks - Formulated for outstanding seal compatibility to keep gaskets and seals pliable and leak-free.
  • Superior deposit control - Special low-ash formula extends clutch life while preventing deposits to reduce drive train operating temperature.

General Description:

Bel-Ray Primary Chaincase Lubricant delivers outstanding clutch feel, superior wear prevention and deposit control for top lubrication performance. Premium base oils provide seal conditioning to prevent fluid leaks. Its distinct red color makes leaks easy to identify in multiple lubrication cavity engines. Bel-Ray Primary Chaincase Lubricant meets or exceeds V-Twin requirements and WILL NOT void warrantees. When combined with Bel-Ray Big Twin Transmission Oil, it provides complete drive train protection and unbeatable performance for all stock and modified Big Twins.

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