ATLAS Prodigy Young Teen/Women Neck Brace

Product image 1ATLAS Prodigy, Orange Ruck 2018
Product image 2ATLAS Prodigy Black

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Prodigy Young Teen/ Women Neck Brace

  • Engineered to flex using our high impact polymer, but designed to fit the smaller bodies of young teens and small women.
  • The Atlas Prodigy brace is designed to fit a smaller rider, while performing the same as its bigger counterpart. For the first time, young teens and smaller women finally have safety equipment that will fit properly, and more importantly, function properly. The newly introduced Atlas Prodigy weighs in at a very light 590g.
  • The entry and exit system used on the Prodigy also doubles as the Emergency Release System. With the push of a button, a user can enter, or exit the brace very easily, with no loose parts to fall away. This quick release system can be performed in a matter of seconds by people of nearly any age.
  • We went to great lengths to create a perfect fit for smaller riders, and simply modifying an existing part wasn't up to our standards. Instead, we decided to start from scratch. The Atlas Prodigy brace uses its own unique frame design, specifically engineered to truly fit smaller riders properly, while allowing them the range of motion they need to perform extreme sports.
  • Introducing dual pivoting back supports on the Original brace changed the way people looked at neck protection. Less than one year later, we were able to not only cut the weight of our back supports in half, but add a flex-tip feature to the bottom of each back support making hese the most technologically advanced, and largest surface area back supports in existence.
  • In addition to new back supports, our new reversible rear mounts offer adjustment without the need for an additional set of mounts. Simply loosen the mounts assembled on the brace, rotate them 180 degrees, tighten, and an adjustment has been made. Two sizes built into one mount allows our amazingly simplistic design to become even more user friendly.


Sizing:- 29 -33" / 74-84 cm

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