ACERBIS X-Strong Knee Guard

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Acerbis - X-Strong Knee Guard

Perfect for riders who need more protection than a tradition knee guard but do not want the additional bulk and expense of orthopedic knee braces, the new X-Strong Knee Guard showcases comfort, style, and strength. The kneecap, tibia, and the lower part of the femur are protected by Acerbis P.O.I Technology, a sandwich of thermoplastic material and padding that offers high energy absorption from shock. Designed to complement the knees anatomy, the X-Strong Knee Guard ensures maximum movement and mobility. Its double-articulated joint allows natural flexion while still providing great torsional stiffness. It includes a knee sock to be worn under the guard that has non slip silcone around the top of the sock.

Size:- one size

Sold in pairs

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