ACERBIS X-Elite Minicross Handguards

Product image 1X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB E-Bike Black White
Product image 2X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB EBike Black Orange
Product image 3X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB E-Bike Orange Black
Product image 4X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB E-Bike Blue White
Product image 5X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB E-Bike Black Yellow
Product image 6X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB EBike White
Product image 7X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB EBike Black
Product image 8X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB E-Bike Rear View
Product image 9X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB E-Bike
Product image 10X-Elite Handguard MiniCross MTB EBike white/black

Regular price $85.00

ACERBIS - X-Elite Minicross Handguard

  • Handguard protecting hands (branches, debris, cold, etc.) and E-BIKE/ MTB / MINICROSS handlebar control units
  • Manufactured in thermoplastic: lightweight, compact and crash-resistant
  • universal fixing bracelet for all E-BIKE/ MTB / MINICROSS handlebars
  • Easy mounting by openable collar, not requiring the handlebar control units to be disassembled
  • Spoiler (also removable) designed to protect the brake and/or clutch pumps.
  • Manufactured to be used on all E-BIKE/ MTB / MINICROSS


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