Road Intercoms, GPS Systems, and Quad Locks

With summer in full swing we're all dusting off the bikes and getting out there. But sometimes that quick ride down to the pub turns into an extended trip along country roads. In these situations no one likes to be lost. Here at Motoland we've got some tools to help you out.
- The Freecom intercom systems connect up to installed headphones in your helmet to allow you to chat with your mates mid-ride. Furthermore, you can upgrade your headphone systems to the JBL Speakers allowing you to blast bangers throughout your ride.
- Quadlock mounts are also avaliable which allow you to view google maps as you ride (and also hear navigation through your intercom systems).
- The Garmin Zumo navigation acts similarly with state-of-the-art tech to ensure you get to your desired destination on time and safely.
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